Send data to NLIS, Datamars Livestock and others from the yard! 

Data Link is a free application for Apple iOS and Android that enables you to use your Smartphone to easily download data stored on your Tru-Test Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled EID readers or weigh scales. 
Download session files from your Tru-Test device and send direct to National Livestock Identification System (NLIS), Datamars Livestock or email them back to the office. Data Link saves you time by removing the need to take your Tru-Test device to the office to extract data. 

  • Send session data to Datamars Livestock to track your groups to target weights and share up-to-date reports with staff, vets and farm consultants 
  • Register animal movements directly with NLIS with immediate feedback on your transaction 
  • Select a session file to email back to the office or send to another recipient 
  • Open a session and review individual animal records on your phone 
  • If you’re not in 3G or Wi-Fi coverage, your transaction will happen automatically the next time you are, no need to check 
  • NLIS account information maintained for ease of use 
  • GPS location of data download attached to emails (optional)  

Tru-Test Product Compatibility with Apple iOS 

  • XRS2/XRS2i/SRS2/SRS2i/XRP2i EID Readers
  • XR5000/ID5000/JR5000 Eeigh Scales
  • EziWeigh7i Weigh Scales
  • S2/S3 Weigh Scales

Tru-Test Product Compatibility with Android 

  • XRS2/XRS2i/SRS2/SRS2i/XRP2/XRP2i/XRS EID readers 
  • XR5000/ID5000/JR5000 Weigh Scales 
  • XR3000/ID3000 Weigh Scales 
  • EziWeigh7/EziWeigh7i Weigh Scales 
  • S2/S3 Weigh Scales 
  • Tru-Test Bluetooth® adapter accessory