Farm Network Gateway

Plug-and-play design for simple installation with best read range available.

Product Code
880 0004-609 - LTE/Ethernet/Wi-Fi
880 0004-658 - Ethernet/Wi-Fi
Suitable for:
    Product Features

    Read range: 500 m radius
    Connectivity options: LTE, Ethernet, & Wi-Fi options available
    Extendable network: Add multiple gateways to cover a large area if needed
    Dimensions: 120 mm x 120 mm x 20 mm

    • A key component of the Active Tag solution, the Farm Network Gateway sends information from the Active Tag to Datamars Livestock software, giving you timely and reliable alerts.
    • Retrieves data from your animals regularly and reliably.
    • Ensures timely animal health and heat alerts.
    • Virtually maintenance free.
    • Powerful network can support any farm layout and size.
    • Quick and easy to configure and install.