Pasture Management

Second only to cutting, drying and weighing pasture samples, our pasture management tools allow you to monitor pasture growth, accurately calculate pasture and dry matter and create effective feed budgets. 

Accurately measure and manage your pasture.

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Insights to help you minimise waste and maximise profit.
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Accurate measurements in a fraction of the time of manual methods.
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Automatically record readings and calculate pasture cover.


Product Overview

  EC-09-400 EC-20-400
Pasture management software for easy & accurate feed budgeting
Visual data display for a single paddock  
Internal data storage & USB transfer  
Bluetooth  sync  to collect & store  data across multiple paddocks & farms  
Integrated counter case to protect the potentiometre
Hand calibrated so readings taken by all plate meters are comparable
Reliable, repairable & adjustable

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