Flexi Starter 4000C

Agile and flexible, in-paddock weighing system suited to a wide range of applications.

Product Code
880 0004-672 Flexi Starter 4000C (excludes Control Unit)
880 0004-665 Control Unit SAT
880 0004-666 Control Unit WIFI
Suitable for:
    Product Features
    • Agile and flexible, ideal for wide range of applications, including intensive grazing systems and feedlots.
    • Designed to be easy to set up.
    • Cattle weights are automatically updated in our Datamars Livestock app, so you consistently have the most accurate information.
    • Our unique walk-over weighing platform disguised with soil creates a natural walking surface for stock and reduces training and adoption time.
    • Robust waterproof enclosure to withstand the harshest environments.
    • The EID antenna mounted on hardwood rails aids EID read accuracy by reducing interference.
    • Use mobile data (4G/5G) or satellite to connect to Datamars Livestock to access information on your livestock no matter where you are.
    • The exclusion zone cage keeps cattle away from the control box, leads and EID reader.
    • Designed to tow behind any vehicle, but please note that Flexi Mobile 4000C is not suitable for use on public roads and should not be towed faster than 20 km/h.

    Real data, real-time

    • The real strength of the Flexi Starter 4000C is its delivery of clean and accurate data, with the Datamars Livestock cloud software.
    • Daily weighing data is transformed into powerful weekly insights, revealing true trends and helping you to better manage your livestock.
    • The Datamars Livestock team will commission and configure the system, and provide support and training to get your animals comfortable using the system.