Fence Monitoring

Save time, money, and stress by automating your Fence Monitoring with Tru-Test.


Product Code
880 0004-540 Fence Monitoring Node 2W (FN1F 2W)
880 0004-541 Gateway – Wi-Fi/Ethernet (GW1)
880 0004-597 Fence Monitoring Starter Kit 2W (FN1F 2W KIT) includes 3 x Fence Monitoring Node 2W and 1 x Gateway – Wi-Fi/Ethernet
Suitable for:
Fence monitoring

Peace of mind with real-time, automated fence monitoring.  

Product icon - Time
Save time and labour from manually checking fences. 
Product icon - Easy to Use
Get timely alerts if voltage drops below the set level.
Product icon - Around the clock
24/7 alerts and access to real-time cloud data.


    Product Features
    • Can be used with any energizer.  
    • System is easy to install and easy to use with step-by-step instructions. 
    • Allows for 50 Fence Monitoring Nodes per Gateway which can be installed at key fence sections across your farm. 
    • Easily extend the number of fence sections and farm areas monitored by adding more nodes.† 
    • Fence voltage is recorded 24/7 and stored in the Datamars Livestock cloud for mobile and web access from anywhere. 
    • Data insights show performance trends over time, which can be used to determine when fencing maintenance may be required. 

    † Nodes can be installed up to 500 m apart (line of sight). Each node must be connected to the fence and earth/ground to measure fence voltage.