Dairy WOW 4000

Integrates easily into your daily milking routines, providing real-time weight recording.

Product Code
880 0004-800 Dairy WOW 4000 + LTE
880 0004-797 Dairy WOW 4000 + WIFI
880 0004-798 Dairy WOW 4000 + SAT
Suitable for:
Dairy WOW 4000

Timely insights for timely actions

Product icon - Insights
Quickly identify rapid or excessive weight loss.
Product icon - Reproduction
Help to prepare cows for breeding success.
Product icon - Animal Health
Identify health and lameness problems.
Product icon - Track Performance
Monitor results of feeding strategies.
    Product Features


    • Use mobile data (4G/5G) to connect to Datamars Livestock software to access information on your livestock no matter where you are.
    • Simple, easy-to-use Datamars Livestock software turns your daily weight data into unique weekly insights.
    • Get accurate individual and aggregated herd condition monitoring trends.
    • Engineered for tough dairy parlour environments to stand up to daily weighing and cleaning procedures.
    • Any dirt or muck build-up on the platform is automatically zeroed out.
    • Choose from 2 connectivity options: mobile data and Wi-Fi for data transfer and technical support.

    Real data, real-time

    • The real strength of the Dairy WOW 4000 is its delivery of clean and accurate data, with the Datamars Livestock cloud software.
    • Daily weighing data is transformed into powerful weekly insights, revealing true trends and helping you to better manage your livestock.
    • The Datamars Livestock team will commission and configure the system, and provide support and training to get your animals comfortable using the system.